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Gunung Merapi - Kawa Ijen
Gunung Merapi - Kawa Ijen
View from Gunung Merbabu, Central Java
View from Gunung Merbabu, Central Java

Heinz von Holzen

visual adventure from the ocean to the mountains and everywhere in-between

Heinz von Holzen

  • Heinz von Holzen
  • Chef and Photoenthusiast
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  • www.balifoods.com
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  • Jl.Pratama, Tanjung Benoa, PO Box 132
  • 80363 Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

HvH Photography

Several very fortunate moments happened to me during the time gone by. For one I was blessed to meet my Wife Puji that has given to me a terrific little happy family right at the beginning of my time here on Bali in 1990. Then again I was just as fortunate that I become addicted to cooking and good food several years before I become seriously hooked to photography. If photography would have come first then I have serious doubts if I ever had made a living from taking pictures not mentioning buying all this expansive camera gear. Then again as live often takes unexpected turns I was able through cooking to work on several food books and publications which I have written and photographed and with it I was able to peruse my passion to capture a few moments in time which I like to share with you on this website.



The Gallery

Merry me Darling

Bali at night in black and white


Within Bumbu Bali, Restaurant & Cooking School 2 we build a very cozy, comfortable bright little gallery. Here we display a selection of landscapes and black and white prints in various formats and on different papers. It is our aim to display the quality of photography and printing that we are able to produce and deliver. The Gallery also offers the possibility to host small meetings or a private dinner parties for up to 12 persons.

Culinary, Cultural and Visual Services


Bali’s first authentic Balinese restaurant was created following the principals used in designing a traditional Balinese home compound. On the menu you will not find Balinese food commonly served in hotels and tourist restaurants, as it is our aim to serve Balinese food the way you find it prepared in Balinese homes or during traditional ceremonies. We take you on a journey into the culinary delights our island paradise has to offer.

Countless trips into villages, homes and temples, together with an endless drive in researching deeper into the food culture of Bali have resulted in several highly acclaimed publications by Heinz von Holzen the Godfather of Bumbu Bali. In “The Food of Bali”, “Bali Unveiled: The Secrets of Balinese Cuisine”, “Feast of Flavors from the Balinese Kitchen”, and the soon to be released “Street food of Bali” one will discover most of the secret dishes and delights served on our menu.

Cooking Classes
Discover the spiced flavours of Bali’s virtually unknown cuisine. Classes offer a fascinating introduction in to the exotic ingredients and unique culinary heritage of Bali. They provide a valuable insight into the various techniques of food preparation and the cooking style used in our island homes.

Tel: (62)361 771 256
Jalan Pratama, Tanjung Benoa
PO.Box 132, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia


Rumah Bali, Bed & Breakfast, www.bedandbreakfastbali.com located in Tanjung Benoa, is just minutes away from Nusa Dua and a short 100 meters walk away from some of Bali’s best beaches, offers 11 beautiful furnished, comfortable rooms (three with their own kitchen and dining area) and two private 3 bedroom villas in a tranquil, peaceful surrounding.

Enjoy the luxury of a beautiful Balinese home in spacious air-conditioned rooms with your open-air tropical bathroom to dream about. Spend your day around a free flow 23-meter swimming pool, or go for a long walk along one of Bali’s best beaches.

Being in the heart of Tanjung Benoa we are a only 30 minutes from Bali’s International airport, only 150 meters away from the golden beaches of Tanjung Benoa, and a short 10-minute drive away from Nusa Dua, which offers hectares of beautiful gardens as well as an endless choice of world-class facilities, including a champion ship golf course, spas and wellness facilities as well as great shopping. We will make certain that you will discover Bali from a very special side

e86b0c_a51d38d730ae4da890035809d244531bConcentrates on the development of powerful and creative videos. Based on the magical island of Bali with the main goal of providing high quality production services for all types of video shootings. Every video production we offer to our clients has powerful and creative aspects in order to achieve attention-getting results. In every step of the video development our aim is to stand out with our commitment for better quality frames and unmatched services for any of your purposes. We manage every aspect of a project’s physical development through open communication and understanding for your project’s needs until its final delivery. This is how we succeed to produce content that meets or even exceeds your expectations.

In the industry we share our love of creating compelling and engaging video content for leading agencies, corporates, and non-profit organizations in Indonesia and abroad.

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