Kiawah Ijen Smoke over Water
Kiawah Ijen Smoke over Water

Heinz von Holzen

visual adventure from the ocean to the mountains and everywhere in-between

Heinz von Holzen

Heinz von Holzen
Chef and Photographer
Jl.Pratama, Tanjung Benoa, PO Box 132
80363 Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

HvH Photography

Several very fortunate moments happened to me during the time gone by. For one I was blessed to meet my Wife Puji that has given to me a terrific little happy family right at the beginning of my time here on Bali in 1990. Then again I was just as fortunate that I become addicted to cooking and good food several years before I become seriously hooked to photography. If photography would have come first then I have serious doubts if I ever had made a living from taking pictures not mentioning buying all this expansive camera gear. Then again as live often takes unexpected turns I was able through cooking to work on several food books and publications which I have written and photographed and with it I was able to peruse my passion to capture a few moments in time which I like to share with you on this website.

A photograph is really only a good photo when the image is able to tell a story.

With each photo it is my aim to share with you a very special moment when I was at the right time at the right place to actually activate the trigger of the shutter. For many of the photos featured on this site often weeks or months of planning and careful preparation where needed. Once this was done, then the actual adventure started for which absolute physical fitness was required. Beside more then 10 kg of camera gear; additional supply was needed to spend the night prior to the sunrise at the summit of a volcano close or around an altitude of 3000 meters. Sometimes this involved hikes that took up to 12 hours or even longer. Each photo has attached a short description and overview of the image. Beside an image description we also added a note about the camera and lens used as well as the shutter speed and the aperture setting.

Cameras used

For most photos featured I use a medium format camera from Phase one with the IQ380 digital back attached to. Photos taken with this camera have basically no limit to size for prints. We recommend not to order any prints larger then A1 for images taken with the Leica camera system.


Using the finest digital cameras in some of the most remout and scenic area across Indonesia and the globe demanded to find the best of the best to print this many magnificent moments on the finest materials available. We have not spared any efford to find the very best color lab in Australia which understands our needs and with it is able to transfer our digital images into fine works of art. Before the images go in to print, each photo is is carefully checked and color calibrated before printed on the finest art papers available. This should guarantee that this valuable art pieces retain their original crystal color not only for years but decades.


More than three decades ago, Swiss born Chef and Restaurant proprietor Heinz von Holzen was planning a career in engineering when he took on a apprentice chef position instead. He worked in the kitchens as a Chef of the Hilton, Hyatt and the Ritz Carlton group in Europe, Australia and Asia, and then finally was lured to the island of Gods ”Bali” where he was the opening Executive Chef at the Grand Hyatt and the Ritz Carlton. Immediately he realised that Bali lacked literature on Balinese cooking or a restaurant where one could savour the delicious flavours of the Bali’s cuisine.

An insight look into the food culture of Bali including 100 easy to follow recipes.

An insight look into the food culture of Bali including 100 easy to follow recipes.

A colourful souvenier from the island of Gods

A colourful souvenier from the island of Gods

It was then when the idea grew and materialised for his Bumbu Bali, Restaurant & Cooking School that he together with his Balinese Wife Puji opened in 1997. To promote the food of Bali further, Chef von Holzen started conducting cooking classes in the kitchen of his restaurant three times a week personally. The classes are so popular, they have helped develop Chef von Holzen’s standing as a master and the Godfather of Balinese cuisine and the Bumbu Bali’s reputation as an authentic Balinese restaurant internationally.

From the Woods Productions

From The Woods Productions concentrates on the development of powerful and creative videos. Based on the magical island of Bali with the main goal of providing high quality production services for all types of video shootings. Every video production we offer to our clients has powerful and creative aspects in order to achieve attention-getting results. In every step of the video development our aim is to stand out with our commitment for better quality frames and unmatched services for any of your purposes. We manage every aspect of a project’s physical development through open communication and understanding for your project’s needs until its final delivery. This is how we succeed to produce content that meets or even exceeds your expectations.

In the industry we share our love of creating compelling and engaging video content for leading agencies, corporates, and non-profit organizations in Indonesia and abroad.

Fabian von Holzen
Director, Editor, Cinematographer
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